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Which photographer did I choose?

This Friday marks a huge milestone… We’ll be entering our 3rd trimester! So incredibly excited to meet our little boy! As a photographer that specializes in capturing the journey of motherhood, one question I frequently get asked is “who is going to be the one to take your photos?!”. This was a question I asked myself a long time ago, before I was even pregnant! It’s no surprise that photography is incredibly important to me so booking a photographer to document this milestone in my family was going to be a decision high up on the to-do list.

Ryan and I couldn’t be more thrilled to work with Emily Gerald Photography. I’ve been following her work for a long time now – be sure to follow her on Instagram! She is so very talented and specializes in births, babies, and bumps. How cute is her logo?! She’s also a co-supporter for the Birth Photography Community, along with Liz Cook, to help educate birth photographers around the world (#CommunityOverCompetition!). I hadn’t even met Emily prior to booking her for the Bump/Birth/Baby package – After following her blog and her Instagram, I knew that we would be a perfect fit! Her birth images are stunning and pull at your heart strings! Her approach to newborn photography is very similar to mine with regards to capturing light, airy, lifestyle moments. We share the same Shoot & Share philosophy. She’s Type A, like me, LOL! She’s extremely easy-going and fun to be around. I know that I can count on Emily to photograph all of the beautiful moments that will unfold throughout our time together.

Even before I was pregnant, I felt very passionate about the idea of birth photography. It’s something that I’ve been fascinated with for quite some time now and even more so once I had to honor of photographing my niece/goddaughter’s birth last year. The atmosphere of the hospital room, the intense contractions, the anticipation of our surrounded family, the support of my husband, the birth team at work, the look on Ryan’s face when he meets his son for the first time, the overwhelming happiness on my face when I first hold Michael, the way Ryan and I will look at each other for the first time as parents, the raw beauty of it all… I knew that I wanted the entire experience captured. With this being our first child, Ryan and I are going to be experiencing a lot of ‘firsts’ as we embark upon the journey of parenthood. The birth day of our son will be an incredible milestone and I don’t want to have any added pressure on myself to feel the need to grab my camera and photograph all the beautiful moments that unfold with the birth of a child. Instead, I want to be truly in the moment and in these photos where all my attention is on little Michael all while having peace of mind that a photographer I trust is on top of it!

In addition to birth photography, we have our maternity session booked for early September and a newborn session booked for shortly after we get home from the hospital. Again, I want to take time to be present and be in these images during this exciting season of my life. After that, there will be plenty of photographs captured where I’m behind the camera as Michael grows up.

Be sure to watch her adorable promo video below! 🙂

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