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Welcome to Denton Abbey

So, if you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that our family now has a fun family RIVAH getaway!! After years of searching, my parents made it official this past May when they bought a Rappahannock waterfront cottage in the Northern Neck of Lancaster, VA. Our family couldn’t be more ecstatic about it!!! We named the house, Denton Abbey. For those of you that don’t know… Denton is my maiden name. Since move-in day, my parents (and many others have chipped in!) to help make our new house a home sweet home. It’s 90-minutes door-to-door from Richmond — the perfect weekend getaway! We’ve spent the majority of our summer weekends there and it’s now starting to feel real when we arrive that it’s actually ours.

I remember when Mom and Dad took me and Ryan to see this house for the first time. We had done several day-trips with them in the past looking at houses and until then none of them gave me that “this is it!” feeling. It was a sunny day and as soon as we walked in the front door and into the family room, the light poured in from the windows, and the view of the water was breathtaking. The house has a nice open floor plan. A huge back yard and a sandy beach! The bedrooms were a perfect size and I loved the playroom upstairs! I immediately felt like we were home.

My mom gets most of the credit for putting her interior design decorating skills to work in making this dream home a reality! I had fun helping too! A few items were bought new in the home but let’s just say that Mom and I are Craigslist queens! Always up for some bargain shopping and we found some awesome deals! In prepping for move-in day, Ryan and I de-cluttered our garage, attic, and miscellaneous things around the house and piled it all into the garage for packing up. Mom and Dad did the same. The moving van got packed up and Mom and Dad started getting settled in to their getaway (they still have their home in Richmond).

Shortly after moving in, Dad bought a fishing boat! It’s beautiful and perfect for our family to hop on for a ride in the Rappahannock. He looks so at home when he’s behind the wheel. Ryan and I got a jet ski for the house! It’s a 3-seater and it’s great for tubing and cruisin’ around. We have a catamaran and a paddle boat too! Lots of fun toys to keep you busy!

I don’t think I can hone in on one favorite thing about Denton Abbey. I love that everything is so cozy and spread out. Mom can paint on the screened porch, Dad can read in the living room, the kiddos can play upstairs in the playroom, Ryan can be fishing on the dock, and I can be relaxing on the sandy beach while Henry plays in the water. I wake up early most mornings here because I love enjoying a warm cup of coffee on the beach, still in my PJs, and watching the ospreys catch their breakfast.

We have a guestbook for friends/family to sign when they come stay. I also created a Denton Abbey Facebook account so visitors can tag their photos to the Denton Abbey page — this way we’ll always have an chronological online photo gallery to browse through and reminisce. Follow along on Instagram too, #dentonabbey, for continued fun in the sun!

Feeling so very blessed to have this piece of Heaven in the family. This little homestead has brought our family and friends together and we’ve already created fun memories! It’s perfect timing that me and my brothers kiddos will grow up here. They’ll be Rivah Rats for sure! We are so very thankful for this blessing and we can’t wait to share it with others. We still have a few house projects on the to-do list but it’s already so very inviting, cozy, and feeling like home. Enjoy browsing some house tour favorites!

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  • Susan - July 29, 2016 - 12:17 PM

    ⚓️Families with lake house/ rivah house refer to waterside as front….. Lakeside -front…..
    the fun back usually side away from lovely water
    Enjoy your fabulous rivah house!!ReplyCancel