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The Mootz Family

So I’m starting to have a newfound love for sunrise sessions! After the gorgeous images that came from Katy and Matt‘s session in downtown Richmond, I was hooked! I was SO very excited when Carrie reached out to me for family portraits in Charlottesville on the UVA campus (where she got married). This was my first destination portrait session! Her mother-in-law’s birthday was coming up and she wanted to surprise her with getting family pictures taken. Carrie and her husband, Scott, are also friends with the Oliff family (love them!!) so I knew we would have a fun session.

I arrived roughly 20 minutes early so I could ensure to get a parking spot (thank goodness I had change for the meter!), get my gear together, and start walking around to get the lay of the land. I’m a Hokie so I wasn’t too familiar with the nooks and crannies of the UVA campus so we did some exploring. We have been spoiled here in VA with this great weather lately. For an August morning, it was the perfect temperature outside — a slightly cooler morning and a bright sunny day. Carrie, Scott, and their adorable blue-eyed boy Cameron showed up roughly an hour before the rest of the family clan so they could get some shots of just them. Despite it being early, Cam was smiling and ready for some fun!

We headed over to the church on campus where Carrie and Scott got married — a beautiful church! The UVA grounds are gorgeous — everywhere we walked there were flowers in bloom, green grass, brick walls, and sidewalks… and the best part, gardens!!!!! Throughout the morning, we’d be walking along the sidewalk and come up to a white wooden garden gate, Cam would nudge the door open, and I would have a huge smile on my face! I loved the curvy sidewalks covered in moss, the white benches waiting to be snuggled on, the bricks steps, statues, and fountains — It reminded me of the movie The Secret Garden — so much character and beauty! A photographer’s dream place to shoot all portrait sessions, LOL. The luscious trees gave us some nice shade and we lucked out with yummy morning light peeking through the curvy branches.

It felt like that first hour flew by when the rest of the clan arrived — Scott’s Mom, sister, and older brother joined us. Angel, Scott’s Mom, was beaming with excitement to have all her family together. She has been wanting photos of her family for the longest time — I got chills of excitement too because I was happy to be the one to capture these special moments.

I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from their session 🙂


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