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Top 20 Apps for Mommies

When it comes to motherhood and the ever-changing world of technology, the odds are ever in our favor. Whether it’s tracking your fertility, the size of your growing baby bump, nursing and diaper changes, recording milestones… the app world has got you covered! Since these days we rarely go anywhere without our phones, these apps will be helpful while at home or on-the-go. After conducting some research and some trial-and-error, I’ve put together a list of the best apps for moms (and dads!).

  1. Today’s Parent My Family: This free app is personalized guide to your child’s age and stage. Whether you’re pregnant, new parents, or an experience mom or dad, get all the daily tips, recipes, developmental advice, and health information you need to raise a happy, healthy family.


  1. Baby Sprout: This is the best app for all-around baby tracking. It’s the motherload of new mom apps. It’s filled with all the tracking tools, countdowns, checklists, and helpful advice/info. on your newborn. It has sleep, feeding, pumping, solid food, diaper change, growth, and immunization trackers, plus medical record tools that help you keep track of your baby’s wellness check-ups and sick visits with the pediatrician. You can add multiple children to the app to keep track of everyone in one place. In addition to all of the tracking features, you can record milestones and memories too! You can add your own photos and captions, share on social media, and/or export your photos into a PDF ebook. Lastly, you can add other “members” to your app so your partner, grandparents, etc. can stay in the loop with baby’s development. If you have a nanny they could use this app too to track sleep, diaper changes, etc.

  1. DayOne: This is a great app to journal day-to-day life as it’s happening. I know they have those cute books out there but I never seem to find time to sit down and write in it. This app is great for on-the-go! It’s photo-driven so you can upload your images, add captions, and also write long journal entries. The voice recognition is great too if you’re not savvy with a mobile keyboard – very nice to use while nursing to get your entries in. There is an option to export all your entries to a PDF so you can print and have at home.


  1. TinyBeans: Record all of your child’s memories, track developmental milestones, and record moments with this app all while sharing privately and easily with family/friends.


  1. Baby Pics: For the moms that take tons of mobile pictures – this one is for you! This is such a fun app for tracking your baby’s precious milestones. You can design text and artwork onto your photos and save them for print or to post onto social media. They have artwork for months/weeks, holidays, ‘first’ milestones, pregnancy, humor, announcements, and more! If this is something you’re into I would highly suggest paying the couple of bucks to upgrade to the premium version to get the most out of the app.


  1. Baby MedBasics: What do you do with your little one if they have a burn or if they’re choking?! This app provides all the lifesaving tips you’ll need to know in baby’s 1st It will prepare you with those emergency moments with step-by-step instructions for multiple worst-case scenarios. Another helpful app is WebMD Baby.


  1. Sit or Squat: Let’s be real: Pregnant ladies hit the loo all too often. With newborn diaper changes and potty-training toddlers, moms need to be in the know and find places to tinkle by GPS. This app made by Charmin is a lifesaver!


  1. Key Ring: I’ve blogged about this app before (read it here) and it’s worth mentioning again. How many of you moms out there have a bulky/heavy wallet that is exploding with retail store rewards cards?? Download this app right now! You can scan and keep all of those rewards cards in this app and throw those cards away! I keep my Costco, CVS, Martins, DSW, Food Lion, Panera, Toys ‘R Us, and Wegmans cards all in there and when I get to the cashier they just scan my card from my phone. So much more convenient!


  1. Growth: You no longer have to worry about holding onto that piece of paper at the pediatrician office. With this app you can chart infants as they grow from birth to 20-years old! It offers several growth templates to tailor to your child’s growth span. There’s also a dedicated chart for preemies.


  1. Around Me: This is a helpful app for when you’re running errands, on a road trip, or just cruisin’ around. If you have your location settings turned on this app can tell you where to find the nearest bank, coffee shop, gas station, hospital, hotel, movie theater, restaurant, pharmacy, parking, etc.


  1. PASS: I had to plug this one on the list! If you’re one of my fabulous clients or you have had professional portraits taken with another fellow Shoot & Share photographer than many of you probably have a PASS gallery of your high-resolution images. Download this free app and you can view/share/print/download your images while on-the-go!


  1. Trello: I could write a whole blog post on this (maybe one day!). This app is great for writing to-do lists, taking notes, jotting down reminders, etc. It will sync with your other mobile devices and desktop so you always have the latest in front of you. Trello has been a game-changer for my business and everyday life.


  1. Playground Buddy: This is another locator app, this time for playgrounds and parks all over the world. So, next time you’re out running errands with your kiddos and they need to burn off some energy, whip out this app and find a nearby playscape.


  1. Trekaroo: Similar to Playground Buddy, but instead of searching for a playground/park you can search for kid-friendly things to do. Find a nearby zoo, museum, etc. and go on an adventure with your kiddos!


  1. Chorma: It’s time for you as a busy mom to start outsourcing your to-do list to others in the family. This app lets every family member claim chores and earn points for them. You can set incentive goals and create a little friendly competition under your roof. It’s a win-win!


  1. Keepy: For the moms with crafty kiddos with big imaginations – this is for you! This app lets you store all of the masterpieces of your kids’ artwork by taking snapshot of them and storing them for keeps. You can share with family members who can comment or leave voice notes on them. You can keep every child’s artwork separate with different timelines. You can even order prints, mugs, canvases, etc. with those extra special masterpieces. No longer feel guilty about throwing away all that stacked-up artwork.


  1. MomsPumpHere: This is a must-have app for breastfeeding moms. If you’re pumping regularly, this app locates nursing rooms or nursing-friendly spaces so you can pump in comfort and at ease.


  1. MamaBear Family Safety: This is a simple and time-saving all-in-one app to protect your child and connect your family. It can display your children’s social media activity, video history of sent/received text messages, constant physical location, customized safe arrival/departure notifications, panic button alerts, and driving speed. This app gives moms the peace of mind they desire while protecting their children’s safety and connects the family for easy communication.


  1. CareZone: This app makes it easy to manage things like prescriptions and dosage instructions for your entire family for maintenance meds and short-term treatments.


  1. Baby Sign and Learn: This app will help you and your baby learn sign language – teach your little one how to say “more” or “all done”.


Was this list helpful?? Would love to hear from you if you have any other apps you’d add to the list — comment below! Happy Tuesday! 🙂


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