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Thomas is a Lucky ONE! Smash Cake

My sweet little Thomas is a lucky ONE! This birthday theme couldn’t be more perfect for our little lucky charm. He’s 26 pounds of joyful thumb-sucking squish… I tickle, squeeze, and smooch on those pudgy cheeks and thighs every single day. That strawberry blonde hair, that little smirk, that laugh, those blue eyes, those doughy biscuit rolls… I’m in awe of him.

One year old today… my how time flies! The nights are long but the years are oh so short. Ryan and I were quite surprised (and grateful!) to find out only 8-months after our Michael was born that I was pregnant again with Thomas. God works in mysterious ways. Michael was only 17-months old when Tommy was born (birth story here!). While raising two under two most certainly had it’s moments of pure exhaustion… In being a stay-at-home boy mom-preneur hustling two businesses… the struggle is real each and every day to find that perfect work/mom/wife/life balance. But I always knew no matter how hectic of a day, week, or month I was having… that I could count on Tommy’s smile and dimples to make it all better. He and Michael remind me on a daily basis just how lucky I am to be their Mom. Our hands and hearts have never been more full!

So, cheers to one year! To surviving two under two! To being so incredibly thankful and blessed! Cheers to motherhood — where one minute I feel like I have it all together… and in the same breath being a total hot mess! Cheers to sibling love. To snuggles, dance parties, bubble baths, Disney shows, and tickle fights. And, cheers to many, many, many more!

Happy birthday sweet boy! You are a my lucky one!

I had all of the feels gathering inspiration to photograph Tommy’s “Lucky ONE” themed Smash Cake session. It all came together and was pure perfection! His first time eating cake!! Michael woke up from his afternoon nap just in time to enjoy some too! I will forever cherish these sweet images!

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