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The Ultimate DIY Car Essentials Kit for Moms On Air with Allie

One of the major changes I’ve noticed with both Michael and now Thomas’s pregnancy journey is the need to be freakishly organized and prepared for anything. In preparation for Michael’s arrival (Fall 2016), I put together a baby car kit so I’m prepared while on-the-go! The last thing I wanted was a blow-out situation and we don’t have an extra set of wipes/diapers (or change of clothes) laying around – that would be one yucky (and smelly!) car ride home! Well, I’ve recently revamped my car kit to now include items for a 15-month old and a soon-to-be newborn. Today I’m going to share with you what’s inside my ultimate DIY car essentials kit!

I featured this topic on a recent On Air with Allie — episode 19! In case you missed it, you can scroll down to watch the replay where I dig into my car kit and show you what’s inside!

The Ultimate DIY Car Essentials Kit for Moms Checklist

  • Car trunk organizer – Find a useful storage bin to hold all of your goodies. Make sure it’s not too big. I use this heavy-duty car trunk organizer – I love that it has dividers and a non-skid, waterproof bottom!
  • Backseat car organizer – PS! I also have this backseat organizer that straps to the back of my seat. I fill it with some small toys, Michael’s water bottle, and some on-the-go snacks.
  • Diapers – if you have littles, then you know that you can never have too many of these stashed away! Keep 3-4 of these in your bin (don’t forget swim diapers too if it’s warm outside!)
  • Baby wipes
  • Diaper cream
  • Diaper changing pad clutch
  • Baby bib
  • Disposable placemats — These are a lifesaver for those restaurant adventures!
  • Hand sanitizer – get a bunch of the travel sized bottles and have them stashed away in your stroller, nursery, diaper bag, nursing station, etc.
  • Formula and bottle – for newborns and you’re not breastfeeding
  • Bottled water – for mixing formula, cleaning messes, etc.
  • Nursing pads
  • Plastic grocery bags – to hold dirty diapers, wipes, trash, etc.
  • Pacifier – Always good to keep a clean one stashed away
  • Stuffed animal/toy
  • Sunscreen
  • Nursing cover
  • Snacks/sippy cup (snacks for you too Mom!)
  • First-aid kit – Kid specific items too such as baby Tylenol (will be nice for those long road trips)
  • Burp cloths – Like diapers, it’s a good idea to have a ton of these scattered around everywhere. White washcloths are great because you can bleach them
  • Books/crayons/games — Activities to keep your kiddos entertained! There are free printable kid worksheets out there for those long car rides (word search, tic tac toe, bingo, dot to dot, etc.)
  • Blanket – In case you run into car trouble and it’s cold out
  • Beach towel/picnic blanket – For those spontaneous trips to the splash park or pool
  • Spare DVDs – if you have a DVD player (for those long road trips!)
  • Extra onesies – Unfortunately, poops and spit-ups will ruin their cute outfit from time-to-time. Keep 1-2 spare outfits in the car!
  • Extra shirts for Mom/Dad – While we’re on the topic of extra clothes, it’s a good idea to keep a spare shirt in the car for you too for that inevitable emergency
  • Carpet cleaning spray — For those bound-to-happen stains!
  • Other non-baby related items – $20 (for when you accidentally leave your wallet at home and you’re low on gas — speaking from experience here! You’ll thank me later!), ice scraper, gloves, flashlight, jumper cables, spare phone charger, bug spray, paper towels, tylenol, deodorant, bleach pen, lint roller, dry shampoo, hair ties, mints, lotion, sunscreen, sunglasses, chapstick, etc. (you can keep smaller items in a zippered pouch)

A little shopping might necessary for this checklist (most you can get at the Dollar Store). I bet you’ll already have most of the items on hand at your house. Don’t forget to replace items as you use them, otherwise you’ll have an empty emergency kit. You’ll also want to clean out and restock your kit at least twice per year (summer and winter) so you can make sure to have appropriate clothes/items for the season, the right diaper size, etc. Of course, depending on how old (or how many) kiddos you have everyone’s car kit is going to look slightly different!

Of course, I keep a spare diaper bag in the car while on-the-go too but that comes along with me while running errands, etc. So, this car kit permanently stays in the trunk of my car and is mainly for road trips and emergencies. However, mommy brain (on top of preggo brain) can = a whole lot of forgetfulness so in efforts to be a better prepared mama, I put this car kit together and it’s worked well! I now feel much more at ease while on the road with soon-t0-be two babies under two!

Once you gather everything just organize it in your storage bin, put it in your trunk, and you’re good-to-go! Peace of mind is a beautiful thing!

Now that I’ve shown you how easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy it is to DIY your own baby car kit, it’s your turn to create your own! You tell me! Have you created an emergency baby car kit before? What would you include in your car kit? Anything I’ve forgotten that would be useful? Comment below!

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