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The Fount Workshop

“The name Fount is grounded in the Middle English version of the word, meaning: a rise or beginning from a source, something that provides what is needed. We grew attached to this name instantly, as we believe it describes motherhood as perfectly as we hope to capture it – a source where life flows from; a deep wellspring.”

Anxious. Empowered. Excited. Energized. Fearless. These are just some of the many feelings of emotion that came over me last August (7 months pregnant!) when I clicked “submit” to register for the 2017 Fount Workshop. Fount is a “lifestyle publication devoted to the art of being a mother.” The founders of The Fount Collective believe that “motherhood deserves to be celebrated, lifted higher, and beheld for the daily devotion it demands.” The Fount Workshop was designed for creative artists that specialize in documenting the art of motherhood. So many workshops out there are catered to wedding photographers so it was a breath of fresh air when I first learned about the Fount Workshop because it tailors to my core passion. For my first in-person workshop, joined with other talented photographers from around the globe, this couldn’t be a more perfect fit!

I received the email at 9:02 PM on August 17, 2016… “It’s time to reserve your seat!”. I had been patiently waiting for the announcements on the next workshop and was so excited to read more details about what was in store! The last two years it has sold out quick so I wasn’t going to miss out on this opportunity. I registered that night and the workshop is now sold out!

TOMORROW I hop onto a plane to attend the 2017 Fount Workshop at the exquisite Inn at Serenbe nestled in the rolling countryside of Georgia. Over 900 acres to explore of preserved forestland and wildflower meadows. Swings, rocking chairs, waterfalls, pools, hot tubs, spas, an animal village… so many beautiful gardens and areas to roam… it looks like someplace out of a dream! Click here to view the beautiful images that came from their workshop last year at Serenbe. These images just make my heart sing! So raw, so natural, so beautiful.

The creative team and speakers for this workshop are immensely talented! Tiffany Farley, Fount founder, photographer of motherhood and family — I’ve been in awe of her black and white images on Instagram for many years now. It was truly Tiffany’s passion for documenting motherhood photography that has inspired me most. Rylee Hitchner, a widely recognized and well-published fine art film photographer living in the South – her work is flawlessly stunning. Abany Bauer, stylist, Art Director, brand consultant, and designer based in Atlanta – I have seen a sneak peek online of all the gorgeous tangible products that she handcrafted at the Fount Workshop last year and cannot wait to see her work in person! Shanna Skidmore, business strategist, financial coach, dream releaser, and founder of the Blueprint Retreat & Course — I cannot wait for her to teach me her ways! Anne Miller — workshop alumni is handling scheduling and various logistics. I am ecstatic to finally meet these creative individuals that have already made such an impact on my photography career, as well as, meet and collaborate with the other 15 photographer attendees coming from all around the globe.

This luxurious, all-inclusive, 3-day workshop is an inviting atmosphere packed to the brim with portfolio-building stylized shoots (both indoor and outdoor), delicious shared meals, and hours of intimate, conversational topics including: developing a vision for your business, defining and attracting your ideal client, curating your portfolio as an artist, client experience and education, image composition, styling your sessions, brand presentation, client sales and printing your work, and much more! While it will be a busy 3 days of learning and growing in my craft there will also be plenty of relaxation time with the group. I smiled big when I read in the registration packet “think comfy pajamas, glasses of wine, and authentic heart-to-heart conversations!”… they’re speaking my language!

I love that this workshop is for only a small, intimate group of creative artists – only 16 of us will be present in addition to the creative team, speakers, and models. This will allow me to truly get the most out of this invaluable experience by connecting with like-minded creatives from near and far (#CommunityOverCompetition), developing new friendships, asking questions, soaking up the answers, and reflecting on real changes that I need to make in my business to greatly improve my art.

At this workshop, I want to mentally challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone, get inspired, see motherhood and family portraiture in a new way, learn more about capturing the beauty in everyday moments, find my core, take risks, and change the way I think about lifestyle portraiture and my overall business plan. I’m looking forward to the casual chats where I can ask questions, be vulnerable, and get honest answers. I can say confidently that I will walk away from this workshop a changed woman, mother, and photographer.

While I couldn’t be more excited for this adventure (!!), my heart is a little heavy in knowing this will be my first getaway without my sweet little Michael by my side. He is just shy of 6-months old as I board my plane tomorrow to leave him for a few days… 72 hours… I can do this! His daddy is a little nervous with all the responsibility but I know it will be great for them to have some boy bonding time! My mom plans to help out a bunch too! Lots of FaceTime talks will be happening! While it will be hard to travel without my sweet family in tow… I know that my mind, body, and soul truly needs this time to get out of my home and office… and scoot over to the beautiful Serenbe to recharge, refresh, while keeping an open mind, and coming home with new game-changer decisions to implement for my business.

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