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Snow Day iPhone Tips! Capture all the family fun!

Happy SNOW day, friends!! My boys were dressed & out in the snow by 7AM! We plan to gather the cousins together this morning for some sledding! ⛄️

Here are some iPhone photography tips for capturing some fun in the SNOW with your family today! Cannot wait to see what you capture!

❄️First thing in the morning… Carefully walk down your driveway to get a street view photo of your house in the snow before it’s covered in family footprints. If actively snowing during this time, capture some video of the falling snow!

❄️Grab a tripod and gather your family in the snow. To reduce stress of capturing the perfect shot on self-timer — the struggle is real with wiggly toddlers! — set it to video to record various poses/candid moments/etc… then you can play/pause the video to screenshot the good pics!

❄️ Snowy trees are SO beautiful! Instead of taking a regular “up & down/portrait” pic… switch your setting to “Pano” and take a vertical shot to include all the trees/sky.

❄️ Put your phone on a tripod and set it to “timelapse”. Capture some video snippets of your family playing in the snow, snowball fights, making a snowman and snow angels, sledding, etc. ⛄️

❄️ Take some fun slo-mo videos to capture all the exciting emotion of your kiddos sledding! 🛷

❄️ For action shots, use BURST mode to catch just the right moment. Simply hold down the shutter button to capture a series of photos as the subject moves through the scene, then select the best shot from the sequence.

❄️Adjust your exposure — The problem with snowy scenes is that the large areas of white can trick the iPhone’s camera into under-exposing the photo. Your phone settings will adjust to make the snow look grey. To ensure the snow appears fresh and bright, you often need to adjust the exposure levels before you take the shot. To do this, start in “camera” mode and tap the screen to focus on your subject then simply swipe up on the screen to increase the brightness (using the sun icon). Be careful not to make the image too bright though, otherwise you’ll lose all of the detail and texture in the snow.

Hope these tips were helpful! Enjoy your SNOW DAY!!

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