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Photography Goals for 2014

1497810_741341779216894_110233981_n2014. Get ready to make BIG things happen.

Happy New Year y’all! I love this time of year because it gives me time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t work last year, as well as, determine what techniques I’ll maintain and/or change to improve my business in the New Year.

For 2014, I’m trying to re-focus and scrutinize the business side of things even though I feel like I have a good handle on things — it can always be better. I want to make sure 2014 is even more organized and more goal-oriented than before.

Instead of making resolutions that are tossed aside by February 1st… I’d like to showcase some goals for Allison Shumate Photography in 2014. Not just any goals… SMART goals (specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and time specific). So here they are (in no particular order)…

  1. Continue to improve my skills shooting in Manual modeThis was one of my big “aha” moments when I started my photography business. To have full control of my images has taken my business to a whole new level.
  2. Continue to update and enhance my portfolio. After each session I take 2-3 images (max!) that are my “money-shots”. These are images for whatever reason (the lighting, the pose, the bokeh, etc.) that inspires me. I’m working on finalizing my portfolio to showcase on my website as opposed to putting everything out there. My followers and prospective clients can utilize my blog to see tons of images that I post from my sessions to getting a better idea on my style but my portfolio should be more condensed to showcase my best-of-the-best images.
  3. Step outside of my comfort zone. With each portrait session, it’s easy to fall into what poses I’m comfortable with. Every photographer has some go-to poses… however, my approach for the New Year is to start with a clean slate for each session. By forcing myself to step outside of the “norm” and be different, unique, and spontaneous — By being relaxed and having a go-with-the-flow approach will build a stronger connection with my clients and the images will be more creative, inspirational, and moving.
  4. Bring in more scenery to my portraits. After browsing my work in 2013 I’ve noticed that I need to get better at this. I’m one to get my subjects up close in my frame and stay there throughout the session. This certainly isn’t a bad thing to do… but I think that I’m limiting myself (and my viewers) from getting the “big picture” of the moment. Whether it’s a huge oak tree, a flowing river, fall leaves, a foggy lake, a field of grass… bringing this scenery into my portraits will help set the tone for my images. This will also help my clients re-live the experience when they look at their images years from now… they will still feel the chill of a winter morning, the smell of rain, or the light breeze on a fall day. I will have better opportunities to do this with my 35mm f/1.8 lens (new to the family!).
  5. Be an expert with white balance via my ExpoDisc. My brother-in-law, Eric, got this for me for Christmas and I’m SO very excited!! I learned about this gadget a few months ago. Controlling exposure and white balance during portrait sessions has certainly been a challenge for me — especially indoors during newborn portraits. This little buddy will help me capture perfect white balance in my images every time!
  6. Turnaround images from portrait sessions in less than 72 hours. This is a huge part of the Allison Shumate Photography experience. I want to WOW my clients with red carpet / VIP treatment. This service will then turn into more referrals. Of course, this goal will fluctuate given how busy I am during any given week… but a quick turnaround is always the goal! I want to focus more on getting my settings right in camera so when I upload my SOOC (straight out of the camera) images onto my laptop my post-processing work is very minimal.
  7. Break the cycle and create boundaries. This was the best advice that I got from reading Lara Casey’s blog post recently. In the beginning stages of starting a business it’s easy to get tied down with hours upon hours of work (making contracts, building a web presence, developing templates, answering emails, etc., etc., etc.!!). In 2013, I spent countless hours on my laptop (my husband developed a nickname for me, Clickity Clacker). Which although the name was funny for a while… I don’t want my business to be stuck behind a computer screen, I don’t want my relationship suffering, I don’t want days wasted when I could’ve been doing something else productive. This is something that I really need to work on in 2014 and beyond… setting boundaries for my business to give me more balance. Lara said it perfectly here… “As a small business owner, your life, personal rest, family and friends and your clients are WORTH fighting hard for. Let me just tell you this is particularly HARD for me because I want to give my time and my heart to everyone. But, in order to give my heart at all, I have to set limits.” I plan to set boundaries for office hours, emailing, social media, scheduling, etc. while respecting other people’s boundaries.
  8. Get smarter with SEO. Search Engine Optimization is something that wasn’t a true focus for my business in 2013 as I was so busy “getting busy” with launching my website and social media sites, shooting, and blogging away. We now live in a digital world so this oversight can hurt my business at the end of the day because my prospective clients can’t easily find me and/or my work online. In 2014, I need to have a plan for getting smarter about blog title tags, keyword tags, description tags, etc. Having a right strategy in place will help me attract more clients, earn more business and achieve the right clients, and develop a client base that leads to more referrals.
  9. Be a social media queen. As I mentioned earlier, we live in a digital world. There are so many tools out there that will help drive traffic to any business. I plan to focus more on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter to attract more clients. These are four very powerful tools. I’m currently setup on FacebookPinterestInstagram, and just recently joined Twitter… but I haven’t utilized them to their full potential.
  10. Stay organized. This is going to be a big year for my business I can feel it! It’s very important for me to stay organized with my clientele workflow, expenses, taxes, contracts, etc. Otherwise it gets overwhelming and becomes a cluttered mess. I want everything to be squared away so when April rolls around (my birthday month, woo hoo!!) I’ll be ready to tackle taxes quickly and efficiently.
  11. Continue to utilize the calendar feature on my website. This worked well for me in 2013. When I would get inquiries about a portrait session… instead of emailing back and forth on a date I just send them a link to my calendar which gave them a snapshot of my availability. My clients would then pick a few dates that worked well for them and we went from there.
  12. Educate my clients. This also worked well in 2013 but I’m working on putting together a Client Guide for my portrait sessions to make it more of a seamless process. This guide will include helpful information on what to expect, what to wear, how to prepare, post-processing, unique products, utilizing PASS, Referral Rewards, and more! I used to post this information in my Client Lounge on my website (password protected) but I wanted to have a tangible product that my clients received since it’s all about the experience. I plan to give this guide to each of my clients well in advance of their session date so they have plenty of time to prepare and ask any additional questions before the session. This way, when it comes time to their session date, they are good-to-go and ready to rock n’ roll when I send them their images.
  13. Blog consistency. I’m very pleased with the amount of blog posts that I did since the summer of 2013. Despite the craziness of my schedule, I was able to blog 54 posts. When I started my business, I knew my blog was something that I wanted to focus on because it’s a great way for my friends, family, clients, and followers to connect with me and my work. I’ve gotten better about posting more personal blog posts and this is certainly going to be more of a focus in 2014. I’ll admit that there were times where my blogging got put on the back burner and I would feel so guilty about it when it would happen. In my defense, it’s because I didn’t have a good strategy in place. I now have a blog calendar so I can stay organized and have a snapshot view of what I plan to blog about. I would love to blog every day… but my schedule doesn’t allow me to accommodate that to blog meaningful topics. So, I’m making a goal for myself to have more of a consistent blog effort and plan to blog every Tuesday and Thursday. If I blog more than that, great! But twice a week at a minimum is the goal.
  14. Be a flash expert. I know what you’re thinking… “but Allison, you’re a natural light photographer so why do you need to learn flash?” You’re right — I am and I almost never use flash for my outdoor portraits. However, it’s been on my wish list for a while now and my hubby recently got me a SB-700 Speedlight flash for Christmas. There are times when using flash is necessary — especially shooting at events and/or indoors. I’m excited to whip out the manual on this little guy to learn the ins and outs of how to properly use it.
  15. Start shooting in RAW. For whatever reason, shooting in RAW has always been intimidating for me. I’ve always shot in JPEG mainly because it was easier to handle the files (fairly smaller in size) and it gave me more room on my memory card. For instance, I have a 64 GB memory card that has space for roughly 8,000 JPEG images (Switching to RAW only allows room for 1,000 images). For a while now I’ve been researching the pros and cons to both options. Despite there being a few extra steps in post-processing the pros certainly outweigh the “cons”. Shooting in RAW will give me full control over my images.
  16. Continue to get more involved within the Shoot & Share community. I’m so very fortunate to be a part of an amazing network of fellow Shoot & Share photographers. This community is so very helpful and encouraging. I belong to a Facebook group of 7,900 members (right now!) of other Shoot & Share users from all over the country who bounce ideas off each other, answer questions, and get help from one another on a daily basis. Our Facebook group is so supportive and positive. We are a community of photographers who openly share our business models, pricing structures, shoot locations, techniques, and genuinely care about helping each other grow. We have even formed lots of sub-Shoot & Share Facebook groups — I’m part of the Shoot & Share – Richmond group which has close to 170 members (right now) of local photographers. We even meet up every now and then to socialize and it’s a blast! Since I got into this industry I’ve been a Shoot & Share photographer and it’s been the #1 best thing I have done for my business so far.
  17. Continue to educate fellow photogs. This goal goes hand-in-hand with #16. I’ve really enjoyed this part of my business — sharing what I learn along the way with my fellow photographer friends. Every day I’m learning something new to better my business and I love educating and sharing my ideas to better others in the industry too.
  18. Read more books. I could spend hours upon hours on my laptop sifting through hundreds (thousands!) of articles out there. The availability of resources is incredible. I can’t remember the last time I actually read a book cover to cover. I recently joined a photography group book club where we’ll pick a different photography business related book each month and collaborate about it with other photographers. This will be very beneficial for me and my business.
  19. Get settled. I’m SO very excited that my hubby and I are creating an office in our home! Right now I’ve been doing most of my work on our couch in our den while using a vanity in one of our guest rooms for files and my gear. As you may know, we moved into our house July 2012. We have multiple guest rooms and one in particular is a perfect size for an office but it was once a nursery before we moved in. How can I tell? There are paper airplanes on the walls, clouds painted on the ceiling with an airplane fan installed. It’s actually pretty cute but not practical for us right now. It will be SO very nice to have a home for Allison Shumate Photography. Stay tuned for updates!
  20. Invest in a studio management program. I’ve searched around for many months regarding the best program to use for managing my contracts, invoices, payments, track leads, taxes, etc. It can be overwhelming if the right process isn’t in place. After researching all the various tools available so when the time is right I’ll move forward with Pixifi to help run my business, stay organized, and free up my time.
  21. Enhance the experience. I want to start having in-person consultations before and after sessions. In 2013, the bulk of my before and after conversations were done via email. Which is a fast and easy way to communicate, however, I want to better the experience overall. As you know, I’m a shoot & share photographer which means that I hand over all the digital files after a session (after they’ve been digitally enhanced via Lightroom). In 2014, I plan to take my clientele experience to another level by offering in-home design consultations after a client’s session. My service-based experience with my clients should be more than a gallery link, leaving clients to figure out next steps on their own. At the end of the day, this leaves my clients with feeling overwhelmed, which then leads to procrastination, which results in my client’s images staying in a digital format on their computer. I’m really looking forward to creating a custom experience for each client that solves this problem, by making personal attention a priority. I need to differentiate myself and be unique. I recently got an app on my iPad so my clients can visually see THEIR images on THEIR walls in the exact size frame(s) that they are envisioning (hmm… I sense a blog post topic!).

What are some of your goals? It always helps to write them down and tell someone so you stay accountable. Post a comment below so we can cheer each other on 🙂

I plan to print this blog post and tape it to my wall so I can always see it and stay on track. I’m SO excited to see all that 2014 has in store for Allison Shumate Photography. I cannot wait to meet new clients that I’ll have the privilege of working with. It is such an honor as a photographer to be a story teller… creating images that become treasured heirlooms for today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Thank you for continuing to make my dream a reality.

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  • - October 21, 2022 - 3:36 PM

    Princess Diana’s much loved car is up for sale, 25 years
    after her death.

    The Ford Escort RS was driven by the princess from 1985 to 1988, during the early years of her sons William and Harry’s childhoods.

    After being won on a radio station competition in the 90s, it was
    privately owned for a number of years before becoming part of a Ford RS collection, where it has
    been kept in ‘top condition’. 

    Much less flashy than her later cars, mother-of-two Diana shunned the Royals’ Rolls-Royces and Daimlers for the modest
    Escort for a time and was often pictured driving it in London.

    Silverstone Auctions Classic Car Specialist Arwell Richards told FEMAIL:
      ‘We wouldn’t be surprised if it went for over £100,000.’

    Princess Diana driving her Ford Escort with Prince
    William in a car seat in June 1986.

    The royal car is expected to fetch six figures at auction this month

    After being won on a radio station competition in the 90s, the car, pictured, was
    privately owned for a number of years before becoming part of a Ford RS collection, where it has been kept in ‘top condition’ 

    The stealthy, black Escort RS Turbo was insisted on by the
    royal and was given a special “stealth makeover”
    by Ford’s Special Vehicle Engineering department

    The car would have been driven by the Princess with a detective in the passenger seat.

    It will go under the hammer at Silverstone Auctions, in Leamington Spa, on August 27. 

    The auctioneers continued: ‘Parallels could be drawn with the RS Turbo’s
    reputation as the People’s Sports Car and the honorific of People’s Princess bestowed by the British
    public on Princess Diana.

    ‘The RS Turbo was never designed to be driven by the wife
    of the second in line to the British throne nor to transport the future King.






    Inside Camelot’s decades-long connection with the British…
    Behind the scenes look at Lady Kitty Spencer’s romantic Rome…

    Even better than being a princess! The minor European royals…

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    ‘We note with interest that whilst Diana’s later choice of luxury cars may have
    been more expensive when new, but the Ford Escort RS
    Turbo far outperforms them at auction, selling
    in some cases for three times the price of equivalent models.’

    The 132 horsepower Ford was a replacement for her previous Escort – which was red and had a canvas
    folding roof.

    SO14, the royal protection service, made her change this because
    it gave her little privacy and no protection.

    The car was given a royal makeover by Ford’s engineers for the princess’ protection during the 80’s

    The historic hot hatch was driven by the
    People’s Princess from 1985 to 1988, during the early years of
    Prince Harry and Prince William’s childhoods

    The engine of the 132 horsepower Ford Escort RS driven by the then Princess of Wales
    in the 80’s

    The royal protection service, made her change her red convertible Ford Escort because
    it gave her little privacy and no protection at the height of the IRA’s terror campaign

    The stealthy, black Escort RS Turbo was insisted on by the Diana and
    was given a special ‘stealth makeover’ by Ford’s Special Vehicle Engineering department.

    It was given a regular five-slat front grille,
    rather than the usual three, and a second rear view
    mirror for the protection officer with a radio in the glove box.

    But it was still delivered with the blue RS striped decals and front fog lamps.

    It is thought that the Ford provided a break from her official
    duties and would have been used for meeting girlfriends for
    lunch or nipping to the shops.

    Much less flashy than her later cars, mother-of-two of-two Diana shunned the Royals’ Rolls-Royces and Daimlers for the modest Escort
    Turbo, pictured

    The Ford Escort’s interior, which is in pristine condition decades on from it’s initial use over 35 years ago

    The seats where  Diana would have sat with a detective for protection while out
    and about seeing friends.

    It is assumed the car was used for more casual social occasions

    The steering wheel of the Ford Escort RS Turbo -which was driven by
    the People’s Princess from 1985 to 1988

    The back seats of the famous Ford, possibly where Diana’s close friends sat on outings with her

    Silverstone Auctions Classic Car Specialist Arwel Richards
    said: ‘We have sold a number of motorcars that have had a Royal pedigree but this car
    ticks every box in terms of history, rarity, condition and mileage.

    The market adores early Ford RS models. 

    Princess Diana is photographed getting into
    the car in 1986, wearing a chic autumnal ensemble and court shoes

    ‘When Royal cars come to auction they’re usually Rolls-Royces or Range Rovers so
    to offer the very best example of the working class
    hero’s sports hatchback with such provenance is perhaps unique and therefore very exciting.

    ‘Isn’t it fascinating that the Escort RS Turbo was to be synonymous with the white stilettos
    of Essex but it’s first champion was the most glamorous woman on earth?’

    After Diana, the car was bought for modest £2,638 by Ford manager Geoff King for his wife.

    In September 1993, it was part of a promotional giveaway by radio station Kiss FM and won by a Miss Jones of Essex.

    It was then owned from 1994 to 2008 by a Mr Windsor before being added to one of the best Ford RS collections in the UK.

    The princess had a love for fords and was bought a Ford Escort Ghia in Silver as a
    present by Prince Charles, the car was famously used by Diana during her days
    working at a nursery

    The car would have been driven by the Princess
    with a detective in the passenger seat during the years where the IRA were a
    larger threat to public safety

    The Ford was a ‘stealth version’ of Diana’s original Red Ford
    Escort, which had a folding roof

    The vintage car, driven by global icon Princess Diana,
    is a blast from the past but looks brand new in auction photos

    With less than 25,000 miles on the clock, the car is in exceptional condition and comes with a Lifetime Tracker, a spare key,
    Ford internal memos and the car’s registration documents.

    Princess Diana’s  was commonly pictured in another Ford, a
    1981 Ford Escort Ghia Saloon that was up for auction last  as part of a specialist
    Royalty auction after having disappeared from public view for over two decades. 

    The Ford Escort Ghia in Silver was the car
    given by Prince Charles to his fiancé as an engagement present in May 1981, two months before the Royal Wedding and used by her until August 1982. 

    It was reportedly owned by a female who’s identity was withheld, and she upkept the condition of the car including a silver
    frog mascot on the bonnet which was a copy of a gift from Diana’s sister, Lady
    Sarah Spencer, to remind her of the fairy tale of a beautiful girl
    whose kiss turns a frog into a prince. 

    It was estimated the Ford would reach £40,000 at auction and
    it sold for £47,000. 

    The ‘stealth car’ pictured, 25 years on from Diana’s death, with a glossy black exterior in excellent condition

    With less than 25,000 miles on the clock, the car is in exceptional condition and comes with a Lifetime Tracker

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