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Painted Staircase Makeover Garage Makeover 3.0

Back again with another DIY Naptime Hustle project! If you follow me on Instagram then you already know… our garage recently got a quarantine makeover! Our garage is a space our family uses often, like every single day. We primarily enter/exit our house thru the side garage door, it has it’s usual garage storage stuff, it’s our office space, tool storage, fridge/deep freezer storage, gym space, craft corner, and a custom floor (installed by prior owners) for the occasional dance party!

I’m always looking for easy DIYs to spruce up our home sweet home. Last year, you may remember my idea to paint my garage… best decision ever!! After scrolling Pinterest for a few minutes to gather inspiration for another DIY… I decided to paint and stain our garage staircase. And… WOW! What a difference it makes! I love a good high impact, low cost project! I’m OBSESSED!

While this staircase looks small… it was tedious work! Those spindles were not fun. We chose black stain for the stairs (paint would’ve chipped over time from being a high traffic area) and white for the banister to match our checkered custom floor. We moved into our home 8+ years ago and the black/white checkered custom floor was installed by the prior owners. We had dull, dirty, boring stairs all this time in the garage and now… this little upgrade (along with the painted walls) gave this space a boost of curb appeal and a fresh finished look.

Our boys LOVE the new look!! They were in the garage (watching a movie) when Ryan and I got a head start on the painting. Now, every time Thomas goes down the stairs he says “Oooo! Nice!”.

Hope this motivated YOU take an afternoon to give your home a fresh look! See below for my DIY steps and materials. Stay tuned for a new blog post about my newest drop-zone station in the garage for our beautiful chaos!

Here are my DIY steps…

  • Clear, clean, and tape the area
  • Add wood putty to all knots/nail holes/cracks in the wood
  • Painted the staircase banister and spindles white (2 coats)
  • Stained steps black (1 coat) and let dry for at least 24-hours

Here are the materials I used:

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