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If you’ve been following me for a while now… you know my love and loyalty to AMAZON. Can I get an amen?! Now, I’m all about shopping and supporting local small businesses… but when it comes to time-saving shopping with quite literally any product available at your fingertips… it’s Amazon all the way! I joined Amazon Prime back in 2013 and it’s been a game-changer for all things in life and business. It’s safe to say that the UPS driver and I are besties due to what feels like weekly deliveries. I keep waiting for an invite to the Amazon Christmas party, c’mon! Over the years, I’ve ordered Amazon products that have truly been lifesavers that I cannot live without. Now I have an Amazon storefront to share these products with YOU!

Because I’m always in hustle mode (who doesn’t want to find loopholes to earn extra cash??)… a few years ago, I joined the Amazon Affiliates Program. The Amazon Affiliate program, or Amazon Associates, is an affiliate marketing program. It’s free for website owners and bloggers (like me!) to become Amazon Associates. Over the years, I advertise products from Amazon on my blog and various social media sites by creating links. When customers click the links and buy products from Amazon, I earn referral fees. While it’s no additional cost to you as the customer I get a small commission for the product referral. Because I was too legit to quit there… I’ve taken it a step further!

In efforts to improve my followers shopping experience… I recently pulled the trigger and applied (and got approved!) to be an Amazon Influencer. The Amazon Influencer Program started in 2017 and is an extension of the Amazon Associates (affiliate) program, but with more tools and features. They key difference between the two programs is that now as an Amazon Influencer… I have my own page on Amazon with a URL to showcase the products I recommend to my followers, giving me an additional way to direct traffic to Amazon (this is especially useful when promoted verbally or in an environment where hyper-linking is not possible).

It’s important to note that “influencers” are able to independently determine whether to recommend a product — Amazon does not modify or edit content. Similar to the Amazon Affiliates Program, content creators participating in the Amazon Influencer Program earn affiliate commissions from Amazon for qualifying purchases. I should’ve joined this program years ago!!

SO! I now have my own Amazon Storefront I can personally customize and curate. I have my own special vanity URL… so official!… which allows me to promote my Amazon presence verbally to my followers. This profile page of mine will be a one-stop-shop for followers and customers to view and purchase my must-have recommendations. All things mom-life, lifestyle, business, for the home, gift guides, and more! Shopping categories are listed in order of most recently updated. Be sure to click “follow” on my page to stay in the loop!

To kickoff my Storefront launch… I scoured through all of my previous years of Amazon purchases and added my favorite finds into various shopping categories. I did this primarily because I want the bulk of the products in my Storefront to be items that I myself have purchased, tried, and love. I’m SO excited to be your personal referral shopper! My hope is to make your life easier by you browsing and shopping my recommendations.

Here are a few shopping categories thus far on my Storefront

  • Baby Registry Must-Haves
  • Family Portrait Prep
  • Fashion Finds for Her
  • For the Home
  • For the Hostess
  • For your Car
  • Maternity
  • For Photographers
  • Gift Guide for Her
  • Gift Guide for Him
  • Gift Guide for Toddlers

While browsing you can “heart” my various shopping lists. Also, please feel free to share my Storefront! I plan to update my Storefront frequently to keep you in the loop with my latest finds (be sure to follow my Stories on Instagram). Happy shopping!! 🙂

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