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Michael’s a THREE-Rex! Stomp, Chomp, & ROAR!

This is THREE. Young, wild, and THREE!!!

Today my little Michael is THREE and this boy-mama heart cannot believe how quickly the time goes! All I ever wanted was to be a mom and for years I patiently waited with those that still wait their turn. This sweet, spunky boy answered my prayers and made me a boy-mom! Since the day he entered into this world he’s challenged me physically, mentally, emotionally… he’s made me exhausted at times but has filled my heart with so much love! Watching Michael and Thomas build their brotherly bond is something I cherish daily.

Michael is in preschool, he’s potty trained, and sleeps in a big boy bed! He occasionally still sucks his thumb and his lovie is his crib sheet, called “Sheet”, and it goes almost everywhere with him. He loves dinosaurs, swimming at the rivah, playing with his cousins, chasing his DaDa, tickle traps, chocolate chip pancakes, all animals, trains, and reading books. He learns a new word every day and talks nonstop! He’s full of energy, curiosity, and has a bold loud personality.

As a motherhood and family photographer… you know that we had to do a smash cake session! I’m typically not a fan of props but for Smash Cake birthday sessions… bring it on! The other day I setup everything during nap time in my driveway. I was worried that I set the bar too high in getting carried away with the various props I wanted to use… surprisingly he cooperated throughout the entire 9-minute session! He read through his favorite dinosaur book, we sang “Happy Birthday”, and roared like dinosaurs!!!

Looking forward to the fun-filled celebrations to come this week for this THREE-Rex! Stomp, chomp, & ROAR… Let’s party like a dinosaur!

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