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Michael Got Promoted!


It was early morning on Saturday, August 5th when we found out as a family that Michael was going to be promoted to a BIG BROTHER!!!

I was blessed to have such a smooth pregnancy with Michael…It that weird that I actually missed being pregnant?? It was such an amazing miracle to experience. I remember telling Ryan this past April (my birthday month!) that I was ready for another! I always wanted our kiddos to be close in age. I actually met with our infertility doctor this past June to recap on where we left off on things last year prior to getting pregnant with Michael and to discuss options for next steps… Little did I know that while I was meeting with him I was already pregnant!! Ryan and I are still shocked that it happened so fast. We figured it would take at least 1 year to get pregnant… how could it take 11 infertility visits along with a pleather of tests and procedures to get pregnant the first time and this time it happened naturally on its own so easily, so quickly? One (of many) favorite lines from The Notebook… “Science only goes so far, then comes God.”

Several weeks prior to taking a pregnancy test, I started feeling pretty crummy… no appetite, random cravings, feeling nauseous, dizzy spells, exhaustion, and headaches… I didn’t know what was wrong with me. It had gone on for a few weeks and I just figured that I needed to get more sleep and stay hydrated since it’s been such a hot summer. After talking my symptoms over with some girlfriends they all said that I might be pregnant! Well, I didn’t get my hopes up especially since we dealt with infertility challenges in getting pregnant with Michael.

So, on August 5th, as a family we all sat in our pajamas that morning on our screened-in porch when we revealed the pregnancy test results… Ryan looked first and with wide-eyes he said… “Yup! You’re pregnant!”. Wait… I’m what?! My jaw practically hit the floor. We couldn’t believe it! I thought I had recorded that special moment but I didn’t actually hit record… pregnancy brain, I guess! It now makes so much sense on why I had been feeling so strange lately. It amazes me how each pregnancy can be different… you don’t know what to expect! I never had morning sickness with Michael… this time around has been a different story! Maybe a little girl is in our future?!

That morning we went to Target to get a Big Brother t-shirt for Michael and that’s how we shared the news with our parents and some close friends. They are all SO excited for us!!! I still cannot believe that Michael is going to be a BIG BROTHER!! They will be exactly 1.5 years apart. So cool!

It was 18 days from the day we found out we were pregnant to our first prenatal appointment. Last week we had our very first ultrasound appointment. I was SO anxious leading up to it — It still didn’t feel real until we could finally see our little one on the screen. Baby was much bigger than we expected and the technician told us that we were farther along than we thought! We thought we were only 8-weeks due April 5th but instead we were 11-weeks along and due March 14th (my Dad’s birthday!). That was quite a shock but we were relieved to be ahead of schedule! We plan to do a gender reveal celebration at Michael’s 1st birthday party in mid-October 🙂

Want to know something else exciting?! My brother and his wife told us this past 4th of July holiday that they are expecting! We were pregnant then too but didn’t know it yet, LOL!! They are due February 21st! This will be their THIRD child! Three kiddos under 3 years old… Rachael is a rockstar. We went up to visit them in NY this past weekend… we couldn’t wait to share with them our news! They showed us their latest ultrasound photos and then we whipped out ours… they were totally ecstatic that we were expecting too! Cannot believe our due dates are only 3-weeks apart! We couldn’t be more thrilled for them and I couldn’t be more excited to share this pregnancy journey with Rach. We’ve never been pregnant together! How fun that we get to experience this season in our lives together and that our kiddos will only be several weeks apart from each other! Of course, we had to do a joint pregnancy announcement when making our news “Facebook official”!! What better way to share this excitement than with the upcoming LABOR DAY weekend along with Maury and Rach?!

I’m 12-weeks along now and I’m so grateful for this pregnancy. You guys know that I keep it real on this blog… I’m very open and honest. In being pregnant, I want to experience it as it happens and talk about it as it happens and for my family to have that support group all along the way… We are over the moon excited to share in this experience with you!

Several of my girlfriends have recently had their baby or their due dates are right around the corner… I have to say that I’m a little intimidated to start this pregnancy journey all over again! BUT! At least next week I’ll be out of my 1st trimester! I’m trying not to get overwhelmed with the thought of raising TWO kiddos under our roof, moving Michael out of the nursery and into a big boy room, eventually breaking out the maternity clothes, and tackling the holidays with a preggo belly in tow. We certainly have a long road ahead of us as we countdown to March 2018! Only 197 days to go! SO much to look forward to in the weeks and months ahead! Until then, I’m going to soak up the remaining one-on-one time with Michael and take it day-by-day. Going into this 2nd pregnancy I’m feeling confident, hopeful, and excited. I’m beyond thrilled and grateful for the changes that I’ve already felt and seen with my body these last few weeks. So very thankful for this blessing, this miracle of life. We can’t wait to meet you little one! You are already so very loved!!!

We were able to videotape a handful of reactions of family/friends to our news!!
Hope you enjoy watching this highlight reel of our pregnancy announcement!! Click here to watch Michaels 🙂

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