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Let’s Get Physical

I have a mom truth confession to make… I’ve always had a problem with commitment… to gym memberships that is… anyone else saying “amen!”?! I’ve never been one to love working out… in high school I was on the Dance Team and that was my exercise. I probably stepped into a gym maybe 3 times in college… then when I graduated I wanted to be loyal to a gym… and it never worked out. I’d walk in, get the grand tour, sign up, and then never walk back in the door for months until I finally cancelled the membership… throwing $$$ right out the window was not a good feeling. I did this with ACAC and the YMCA over the course of several years… I’ve never had a consistent exercise plan. I do my best to eat healthy and stay active but I’ve always had a sweet tooth and love a yummy glass of wine every now and then…

Well! It took turning 30 and 6-months post-baby as a wake-up call that I’m not getting any younger… I needed just that little bit of motivation to shake off the baby weight and get into shape! I don’t necessarily want to lose a bunch of weight — I’d rather build toned muscles. So… yup… you guessed it… I joined a gym. American Family Fitness. I was a member about 10 years ago so I’m familiar with their facility. I love their app so I can check upcoming classes and record workouts. We got a Family membership so we can take Michael with us and utilize the day care — I’m highly impressed with their KidsZone. Amazingly friendly and professional! Since Michael isn’t walking yet I actually have to call in advance to ensure they’ll have someone one-on-one staffed to watch him while I work out. While at first I hated the idea of having a roadblock to call ahead versus just showing up… it’s helped me stay committed to actually going to the gym because once I make the child care appointment I don’t cancel it. It forces me to go! And guess what… I’ve only been a member for 1 month and I’ve gone 12 times since joining! 12! That’s more than I’ve ever gone to a gym since I can ever remember… I’m mixing it up with the treadmill, weights, the pool, and some Barre classes (in addition to doing a 30-day challenge and motivational Facebook group I started with some girlfriends). Needless to say, I’m starting to slowly see results, have more energy, and it’s felt like a total game-changer.

The best part of all of this?! Having a workout buddy!! Shortly after I joined the gym I found out that my neighbor/BFF also is a member. It’s been an awesome way to keep each other motivated and stay active — while sharing lots of laughs along the way. SO! If you live in RVA and you’re also an AmFam member then chime in and let me know! We’ll have to meet-up for a workout date!

Bikini season is upon us ladies… let’s get physical!

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