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Hello Thirty!

Today is the day that I say farewell to my roaring twenties… and hello to thirty! The BIG 3-0! Yes, I’m thirty! And I gotta say, it feels good! The closing of a chapter — another decade lived. A fresh start. The adventure continues.

Occasionally I’ll think back and reflect on one of my favorite self portraits… 5 years old, running around a sand volleyball court in a navy nautical dress, entertaining myself, smiling, laughing… I remember this moment like it was yesterday. I plopped down, gripped the sand with my fingers, and kicked my sandy toes in the air… life was so carefree.

God has blessed me with a beautiful life.

My twenties were nothing short of roaring… In the last 10 years, I experienced college life, joined a sorority, boy drama, parties, graduated VT, entered the corporate world, started my photography business, bought and sold cars, lived in The Fan, got engaged and married a man I’m crazy about, bought a house in the West End, became and aunt and godmother, beat infertility, experienced the miracle of pregnancy, gave birth to my son, and became a stay-at-home mom to my sweet boy. Motherhood… the greatest gift, my truest calling.

Thirty. An amazing milestone to have reached. I’ve got quite a bit to show for my years… my health, my family, and a photography career that is booming! I’m truly happy. I couldn’t be more proud of my skin, my body. For 9 months, it carried my little boy and underwent an emergency c-section. The little scar on my belly is a sweet daily reminder of the miracle of life. How we should make each day count. Oh, what a wonderful world it is.

I have so much to be thankful for. I’ve learned a lot, made mistakes, and since becoming a mother I’m getting better about giving myself grace over perfection.

I’m embracing my thirties with an open heart, an open mind, with no regrets, doing things and investing my time with people that make me truly happy.

Cheers to 30 years! Excited for what the next decade will bring.

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