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Garage Reno Project 2.0 New office upgrades!

Hi, friends! I’ve got another fun before/after reno project for you today! You may recall reading my blog post last August when my office was moved from our upstairs bedroom to the garage. It’s been my new space to tackle all things photography business and Crafty Neighbors business. Slowly taking over Ryan’s man cave, LOL! The before and after photos from that initial transition was huge and I’ve been loving my new cozy corner! I’ve spent many, many hours during preschool hours, nap time, and/or late nights in this space. Ryan is now using our computer more out there so we tag-team office hours. On days when it’s nice weather we can open up the garage door to let more light in (especially now since the pollen has calmed down!). It’s awesome!

So, this is garage reno 2.0…

Since last August we’ve made some big changes to our garage! We sold the pool table! We’ve lived in our house for 7 years and only used it a handful of times. It was a huge 8 foot table that was taking up the entire space in the garage. We have always used our garage space for entertaining (it was that way when I was growing up too!). Does anyone else use their garage to entertain? It’s been a useful space for games, karaoke, photo booth shenanigans, and dance parties (how can you not with that fancy custom checkered flooring?!). Although, most days the pool table served as a large table to hold a bunch of junk that never got put away. I’m in my garage daily so we needed to make a change! We knew that we could utilize the space even more. So, after some convincing… Ryan finally agreed to part with his last piece of furniture from his bachelor days. In doing so, that opened the room up so much! With two busy toddlers… it was a game-changer! Michael now is always riding his scooter around in circles and Thomas is crawling/walking all over the place. There’s room to blow up the bounce house in there on rainy days. It was a win-win!

We recently made some expansions to the office craft corner (primarily on the Crafty Neighbors side of the business). You can read all about that HERE. We also gave the garage walls a fresh coat of paint to cover up the ugly drywall that’s been there since we moved in. What a difference fresh paint makes to a room!! It’s just a simple white but it makes the room look even more bigger! It was painted in no time — it didn’t have to be a perfect paint job since it is a garage… It gives it such a more homey, cozy feel and I now want to spend all my time in there, HA!

It’s still very much a functional garage we’ve just hidden things well. The pool table hides various garage stuff, Ryan’s tool table stores all the manly things, and thank goodness for all of the overhead storage (neatly labeled, of course!). Aside from eventually finishing the drywall on the other side of the garage… it’s complete!

So! Without further ado… scroll down for the before and AFTER!!! What house projects are you working on?? Comment below!

*** AFTER ***

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