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Garage Mudroom Makeover Operation Drop Zone

Another day, another naptime hustle project! As a boy-mama to two busy toddlers, I’m always looking for ways to streamline our everyday. The days go much smoother with kiddos when we’re prepared and organized — do you agree?? With back-to-school season approaching (next week!), I wanted to create a “drop zone” space for my family to organize all things preschool, work, bills, charging dock, shoes, jackets, and on-the-go must-haves.

Since we don’t exactly have a good mudroom space inside our house — plus I didn’t want the extra clutter on display — so, space was created in our garage! We are loving our freshly painted staircase!! I couldn’t wait to start decorating around it to make it feel more homey! I fell in love with the idea of a garage mudroom! Such a great space-saver option to keep the clutter contained before coming inside the house. Since the garage is the primary way we enter/exit our house… this was a no-brainer decision!

I carved out a corner right next to our garage steps — easy access! What once was a spot to hold a stroller and a few random items (see before collage below!!)… has now transformed to an ultra-functional storage space! After a quick trip to Marshalls — I had all things for the bookshelf! Both of my boys have their own designated basket to hold their go-to shoes and must-haves for on-the-go. Ryan and I have our own cubby for clean masks, sunglasses, and other personal items. Shoutout to my neighbor and bestie, Missy, for her white bookshelf hand-me-down. It’s anchored to our staircase and we love it! The media table was purchased at HomeGoods a few years ago and we used to have in our playroom before we rearranged that room (more on this later!). This table holds some cute seasonal d├ęcor, our keys, a charging dock station for devices, storage for family games, and me/Ryan’s go-to shoes. I added a cork board for pinning photos, invitations, cards, etc. I installed black hooks to the staircase for additional storage (hats, purse, gym bag, etc.). Back in March, I put together a sanitization station at the top of our garage staircase — All things Lysol, hand sanitizer, wipes, masks, thermometer, and more!

I’m getting the boys involved with our new space and they love it too! Each morning before we get in “mama’s car” we gather our things and off we go! When we come home, the boys put their things in their proper place (bags/shoes/etc.), we each sanitize, and we walk inside the house. Hope this inspired you to spruce up a “drop-zone” area for your family! I’ve provided affiliated Amazon links below to link you to most everything you see below!

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Before we dive in to the details!!! Here’s what it looked like BEFORE…

Annnnnd…. AFTER!!!

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