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A fellow photographer friend posted an awesome blog post today about why she created a personal Instagram account — you can read about it here. I have gone back-and-forth on this because while I certainly still want to post my personal life on my business Instagram account to build more of a connection with my followers… I also don’t want to overwhelm people with over-sharing baby pictures of Michael! Nor do I want to stress about curating the best-of-the-best perfect images from my iPhone to ensure my grid is pretty to look at 24/7. I also love the idea of easily creating photo books!

SO! I caved and created a new personal account where I’ll be posting daily shenanigans. Of course, being the OCD type-A mom that I am… I have already uploaded 126 posts to get my account caught up from Michael’s birth to now. HA! My phone is always running out of room with countless photos/videos so I’m excited to have a place to store and share them online. Some days it might be one post… other days I may post a dozen times… it just depends on what we’re up to! Some images might be perfectly exposed and in focus… while others might be blurry… but it’s our beautiful story nonetheless. While of course this account is for friends and family to follow along… this account is mainly for me. A digital home to store our memories.

If you need a daily dose of baby boy cuteness or you want to be entertained by our daily shenanigans… then give us a follow! 🙂

Follow @shumatefamshenanigans

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