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Fine Art For Your Home • Canvases

Hi folks! Today I’m excited to chat about creative ways to display your images in your home with gallery-wrapped canvases. As a lifestyle portraiture photographer, I strive to ensure that my client experience extends all the way through to the final finished products. It brings me so much joy to walk through a client’s home and see canvas upon canvas, print enlargements, tiny sweet frames, and coffee table albums filling up their home! We’ve all been guilty at times, myself included, by letting our images stay on our computer and not bringing them to life!

Here are a few wall art design tips…

• Let the room set the tone

• Let the space set the size

• Choosing the right photos

• Choosing the right gallery layout

Today I’m going to tell you about a little secret weapon that I have that will make your decision-making process so much easier!! 🙂

Preveal is a program that I invested in two years ago for my clients to offer a seamless process for ordering products to display in their homes. Want to know what the absolute best part is?! You can actually see real examples of what your photos will look like on your walls! It gives me and my clients peace of mind to show them exactly what they’re buying. It’s like a dressing room for my clients — they can ‘try it before they buy it.’ Preveal has hundreds of templates we can have fun browsing through, we’ll never run out of layouts and inspiration for the perfect wall collection design!

Here’s how it works:
1. Tape a piece of computer paper to the wall(s) you’d like to hang your portraits on

2. Take a picture of your wall(s) with your SmartPhone or tablet. You can either take a photo of a wall in your home or we can use a stock room photo from their sample gallery.

3. Email it to me and you’re done! You can then come to my in-home studio, I can come to your home, or we can meet for coffee to then browse through the hundreds of inspirational templates to pick the perfect fit for your home. I also have a helpful Preveal Wall Gallery Lookbook filled with gallery inspiration and insight.

Here is a sample video that Preveal put together to show you just how easy this process is!

Don’t want to bother with taking a photo of a wall in your home? No problem… Here are some sample of images from the Preveal stock room:

Get inspired.
Check out these unique ideas for a wall display in your home. These would really give that WOW factor on your walls!
As you can see, the possibilities are endless! Which one do you like the best?? 🙂

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