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Best of 2013 | Money Shot Series

View More: this post is a little overdue since we’re already well into January 2014 and December seems like so long ago… but I have a good excuse! It was so very hard to choose my ultimate favorite “money shots” from 2013. When I officially launched my business in June of last year I had no idea that my business would skyrocket so quickly. I had the privilege of shooting 24 sessions in 2013 after I launched Allison Shumate Photography and I couldn’t be happier!! My business has come along way since the launch… The new techniques and strategies I’ve implemented, the lessons I’ve learned, the networking, the successes… it’s been an incredible journey thus far and I’m overjoyed that my clients friends have turned my dream into a reality.

Now y’all know that I like to share lots and lots (and lots!) of images with every session I blog about. I’m surprised my blog didn’t crash after I uploaded all the images to this one post… I started out just wanting to pick one favorite image from each session but that quickly changed to 2-3 then changed to 5-6…! It’s a good problem to have so many favorite images. I’m one lucky photographer to have such amazing clients.

Now these “money shots” are photos that are marked as a favorite of mine for multiple reasons… it could be the lighting, the pose, the bokeh, the angle, or simply the moment itself that warms my heart. These are photos that after I take the shot and see the result I squeal will delight. They put a huge smile on my face and have that YES factor and define me as a photographer whether I envisioned the shot beforehand and made it happen or captured it as the moment unfolded on its own. I can’t wait to look back at these images 5, 10, 15 years from now to see the roots of Allison Shumate Photography.

These are the images from 2013 that best reflect my style. I present to you the best-of-the-best from 2013… Enjoy!


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