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Back to School 2019 BOTH Boys in Preschool!

Be still my heart!! Where did my babies go, y’all?! Michael will be 3 on October 17th and Thomas is now 18-months old. I’m having all the feels today as Michael starts his 2nd year of Preschool (the Twos class, 2-3 year olds) and Thomas’s first year of Preschool (the Toddlers class, 16-23 months olds). We’re starting at a new school for us too so it’s a first for all of us this year. Lots of familiar faces at this school and highly recommended so we’re excited! How cute are these two with their matching shoes and totes?! Tote bag personalization by The Crafty Neighbors. Scroll down for my 1st photo attempt of the two of them, HA! Pretty accurate, LOL!

I’m so very proud of my smart (and wild!) boys! Back in February, we transitioned Michael to a big boy bed and this past summer we got started with potty-training. He’s pretty much pantless when we’re at home (with no accidents!), LOL, and he still wears a diaper at night. Michael gives every single day 110% and talks nonstop… he’s a go-getter from 6AM-7PM (he thankfully still takes a nap). He loves dinosaurs, cars, trucks, and riding his scooter. Thomas loves music, dancing, snuggles, tickles, clapping, and chasing after his big brother. Thomas has always had a go-with-the-flow demeanor, he’s my daredevil but a good listener… and his big smile will truly melt your heart. These two brothers are like peas and carrots one minute and like vinegar the next! It’s been a longggg summer reminding Michael each and every day to be gentle. Although Michael has some tough love at times… he loves his little brother to pieces.

I’m excited for them to meet new friends, listen to others, explore, play, and learn!!… {and for this mama to get a break M/T/W from 9am-12pm… can I get an amen?!}. I love my boys! But they can be a lot to handle at times, LOL! It’s loud in our house… lots of dinosaur roars, squeals of laughter, some lots of tears (toddler tantrums!), and memories made! But all moms need a break to recharge batteries and refuel so we can be better moms. We had a lonnnnnng summer together… since Michael wasn’t yet 3 and potty-trained he couldn’t do any of the camps or Bible Schools… so we had to improvise! Also, with Ryan home full-time the entire summer… we all had lots of family time together. Now Ryan is back at work and the boys are off to school!

While I’m sad my boys are growing up way to fast!!… I couldn’t be more ready for a new season, a new chapter, a fresh start, and more daily structure in our routine. Michael’s preschool schedule is 3 days p/week and Thomas’s is 2 days p/week. SO! That means for two-days per week September to May I will have a total of SIX blissful hours all to myself each week. I haven’t had that since before kiddos. Six whole hours to shoot, edit, create content, run errands, schedule doctor appointments… or heck(!), take a bubble bath or even take a NAP (I was never a napper before motherhood, LOL). I’m looking forward to still having some one-on-one time carved into my week with Thomas on Wednesday mornings since Michael will be in school.

So! It’s the first day of school… I drop the boys off at 9AM… What am I up to on this fine Tuesday morning?! Whatever I want!… I have plenty of time to be productive in the days/weeks/months to come… so, this morning will likely include some relaxing “me time” and a mimosa (or two!). Cheers!

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