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BabyList ● The Ultimate Baby Registry

To all of you expecting (or soon-to-be) mommies out there… this post is for you! As a photographer that specializes in documenting the beauty of motherhood, and as an expecting mommy myself, I’m always reading baby product reviews, articles, and other motherhood resources to personally be more educated and to share with my clients.

With Baby Michael’s due date approaching, many ladies have asked me where we are registered. When I started this process a few months back I felt very overwhelmed as a first-time mom since there are SO many products out there… how did I know what I wanted versus what I really needed? From feeding, to transportation, to bathing, to sleeping, to baby gear, to the nursery… the list goes on and on… and on! I was having trouble finding one site that had it all… well, while searching around online I came across this website, BabyList. Have you heard of it?! It’s the best!

BabyList is a baby registry that lets you add items from any store on to a single list. Similar to a Pinterest board – in fact, you even have a similar BabyList “pin” button that you can download onto your computer browser and add items as you come across them. Mommies can add registry items from all stores (like Etsy, Amazon, Target, Pottery Barn Kids, etc.). There is even an easy-to-use (free!) app that you can download and add items while on-the-go. In addition to purchasable items, you can also add other meaningful gifts that people can’t buy in a store – there is a “help and favors” category where folks can sign up for dog-walking, a cash fund, home-cooked meals, etc. It’s got it all!

When your family and friends go to your custom BabyList registry link, they’ll see a personalized note that you can include at the top of the page, as well as, what gifts are still available versus what is reserved. There is a neat “thank you” tool where you can easily print the names and addresses of those that purchased gift(s) for you so you can sit down and tackle those thank you notes. You’ll also get alerts when items on your registry go out of stock and/or if a price has changed.

Another feature that I love most about BabyList is they offer tons of helpful best-of guides, sample registries, and articles! As a first-time Mommy, this was gold! I was able to scroll through and read about the best wipes, best bottles, how to choose a stroller, best baby bathtubs, picking the perfect pacifier, etc. BabyList also has other helpful articles on must-haves for flying with your baby, second baby registry, how to choose a diaper bag, best cribs, etc. I found them very informative and it certainly helped in putting my registry together.

So after spending many hours on the baby registry process, I feel confident that Michael’s registry is complete. Feel free to click here to check it out! I hope you found today’s blog helpful! 🙂

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