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Baby Hannah ● Newborn

I first met Liz in 6th grade when we were attending Byrd Middle School (I still have our yearbook with our fabulous school photos from that year!). We lost touch when my family moved neighborhoods (into a different school district) and I transferred to Pocahontas in 8th grade… then the whirlwind of high school and college began. It wasn’t until 4 years ago when Ryan and I moved into our house in the West End that Liz and I were reunited as neighbors!

Ryan and I live on a great street where we’re wedged between two other neighborhoods filled with awesome people and fun kiddos! It wasn’t long after I moved in that I created a LOEN Facebook group (The League of Extraordinary Neighbors) for our hood and it was the best idea ever! It’s brought so many of our families together for countless hangouts and we’re so blessed to have developed some amazing friendships. To put it simply… we’re never moving!

For the longest time, it was basically Liz and I that were the only ladies in the group that didn’t have any cute kiddos running around. We were patiently waiting our turn! Well… this past January, Liz and I were out walking our dogs in the 2+ feet of snow (during snowmagedeon!!) when Liz told me she had some news… I immediately screamed “OMG, you’re PREGNANT!”. Her smile said it all! I was SO very excited for Liz and her hubby! It was only a few weeks later when I myself found out that I was pregnant so it was fun to experience this journey along with her.

Miss Hannah Mae was born on July 27th, 6 lbs. and 13 oz., and is the cutest bundle of JOY! I went over to their house this past weekend to capture some newborn portraits. It’s always so heart warming to see the love in the eyes of new parents. Craig is the man of the house with now 3 girls under their roof, including their precious yellow lab Dolly. It’s always such an honor to capture new life! Congratulations again to this sweet family! Can’t wait for my Michael to meet Hannah – many play dates in our future!

PS! Be sure to scroll all the way down and watch the slideshow 🙂

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