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Apple Watch Series II Review

Ryan got me an Apple Watch Series II for my 30th birthday… and I’m addicted! For those of you that know me or follow along on my blog know that I’m a gadget girl! More specifically… a loyal Apple fangirl! I have to admit… Ryan asked me a while back when the first Apple Watch came out if I wanted one since I basically owned everything else in the Apple world… but I didn’t want another reason to be connected and another device to check email, etc. Plus I’ve never really been one to wear a watch… well… I’m absolutely in love with this little gem and I’ll tell you why! Here’s my personal review on the Apple Watch Series 2 highlighting the bells and whistles of my new favorite gadget. Enjoy!

PS! I’ve been wanting to do this review for a while now but was procrastinating because I wanted the perfect lighting and background… well, while my baby took a nap I knocked this out on my dining room table so it’ll have to do, LOL! Also… I didn’t notice until after doing this video review that my wedding rings were still off post-workout (oops!)… I didn’t feel like re-shooting it.

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