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A New Look • 2014

SO! You may have already seen my posts this past weekend regarding the launch of my brand’s new look! You may be wondering why I changed anything since brands, for the most part, are supposed to remain consistent to build brand recognition. I wanted to take a moment today to explain why I gave my brand a little POP that I feel it desperately needed!

When I first launched my website in August of last year… I didn’t really know what my style was. I was still (and I still am!) figuring things out as I go. I developed my logo and brand colors before I did anything else. I wanted that to be the staple to Allison Shumate Photography.

If you can remember my blog post back in mid-August of last year I launched my brand — a new logo, branded colors, my website, and my blog. It was a BIG day for Allison Shumate Photography. I launched my brand with an accompanied chevron pattern background because that’s what’s “in” right now… and not many other local photographers had that look so I wanted to do my best to stand out as a new business owner…

But what I started to discover was that the chevron pattern background didn’t really speak to me… I didn’t feel that my brand connected with my style or my personality. In October of last year I switched over to a new blog platform, ProPhoto. I then made one more tweak to my brand interface… I took down the chevron background off my websites and replaced it with a plain colored background until I could find something that clicked… something that gave me that “ah ha!” moment.

Website… {then}

Blog… {then}

In looking at my brand trend over this past year there wasn’t really anything wrong with my brand and it may very well be that it is just the perfectionist in me. I want a brand to attract the right type of clients that I hope to work with, a brand that makes people smile, and a brand that is fun and silly yet classic and timeless.

So, last Friday, I took some time to walk around my house and quickly noticed a trend with my things… my style. Polka dots!!!!!!

{Instagram pic via iPhone}

Yes, it may be girly to have a brand with gold glittery polka dots and coral/teal brand colors… but, I am a girl! I’m a lifestyle portraiture photographer that works with families, children, babies, and couples in love… I’m quirky and make my clients laugh during their sessions to bring out their personality and capture genuine, fun-loving photographs. So… a fun, spunky, and silly brand is allowed.

Branding is a way to express my visual identity and it matches well with the bright and cheerful images that I capture. My brand is the overall experience I aim to provide with my clients. I feel this new look brings my brand to life! It’s also easily remembered! Hopefully now when you’re out and about around town and you spot polka dots, you’ll automatically think of me 🙂

I was so excited about updating my website, blog, and social media sites that I got started last Friday evening (while enjoying a rainy night on my screened porch with my hubby!) and by the next day at noon, the updates went LIVE! I was supposed to wait for the big launch for today’s blog post but was obviously too excited to wait that long.

Of course, my brand will continue to evolve over time as my business grows. But right now, I’m feeling much more relieved, feeling more myself and at “at home” than I ever have with my business. Who knew that something as simple as polka dots could make such a drastic impact on me. I hope you like the new brand, that it makes you smile, and forms a sense of loyalty and comfort with Allison Shumate Photography 🙂

Happy Monday!!

The NEW website…

The NEW blog… 

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