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A change is coming…

I sent a newsletter to my ASP Family earlier today and wanted to share the news with my followers… a change is coming!

It’s been a busy season in my office as I make strategic plans to rebrand my business. It’s been almost 5 years since I officially launched Allison Shumate Photography. When I first started my business, I purposefully chose not to invest in branding for a variety of reasons: my overall shooting style was going to change (a lot!), my ideal client and target market was going to change, etc. Instead, at the time, I went for a simple logo and more of a DIY approach with regards to my website and blog design. I’ve been proud of it over the years… it’s all worked out fine. But, it’s time for a change!

Why rebrand? Why now?
Great question! I asked myself the same thing as I started jotting down the overwhelming to-do checklist that comes along with an effective rebranding strategy. The truth is, I’ve desired to launch this project for quite some time now but the timing was never right. What I’ve learned in raising my now 11-month old son (and expecting baby #2 in March!), the timing will never be right. SO! I figure… there is no better time than the present!

If you’ve been a long-time client of mine, you may have noticed a few small branding tweaks to my website over the years. Well! Planning is in the works for a logo and website overhaul! After almost 5 years, I’ve used the same logo and website platform… and it’s time for a change! I want the look and feel of my business to showcase the utmost high-end professionalism that I strive to offer my valued and loyal clients. I want my online presence to offer anexperience to current and perspective clients — a space that is purposeful, intentional, and joyful on both a professional and personal level.

It’s time for a fresh new look to better serve you and I couldn’t be more excited for what is to come! A sneak peek of my new logo is above — updates to my new and improved website are now under construction! I’ll be sure to let you know once we’re LIVE!

I am truly blessed to do what I love and I appreciate your continued trust and support in this transition!

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