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3 Year Anniversary

Hands full, heart full! Today is 3-year milestone for me that I’m proud of! 3 years ago I said farewell to the corporate world… traded in my daily business attire for “Costco casual”. Being home full-time with my boys has been such gift… beautiful chaos in our house!

Raising 2 little boys has been a wild ride thus far… our days are filled with loud shenanigans, bottomless snacks, strong coffee, cheap wine, tears of joy, superhero dress-up, deep breaths, toddler tantrums, time-outs, snuggles, dinosaur roars, outdoor adventures, blowout diapers, lots of laundry, and trucks galore… all while being a Boss Babe hustling two thriving businesses! Daily ups and downs of emotions… adrenaline, excitement, exhaustion, overwhelm, mom guilt, all the things… any other Mamas feel this?? 🙋🏼‍♀️But I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

I’m learning to give myself grace over perfection, to embrace the chaos, to appreciate the little things, that it’s okay to grow slow, to find joy in the everyday, and that tomorrow will always bring a fresh start.

So very grateful for my hubby that continues to support our family. Thankful for my tribe of ladies that get me through the tough days. Thankful for nap-time & gym day care (LOL!) annnnnd Disney+!

Cheers Moms… y’all are all rockstars!!!

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